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Certified Bakery New York
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About Certified Bakery New York
Certified Bakery New York Products are often called the gourmet's choice. We have become a staple of the finest restaurants, delicatessens, and caterers.

Bringing family secrets overseas from Europe, Certified Bakery New York was founded on a family's passion for traditional and authentic artisan and kosher breads. Since its founding, Certified Bakery New York has kept its vision – mixing the family's American experience with its traditional recipes, to be the premier seller of gourmet bread products.

Today, Certified Bakery New York is family-owned and operated right here in Queens, New York. Other companies may offer similar products and services, but our products and services are the best, and come with a personal touch.

The owners take great pride in working to contantly ensure that the Bakery's quantity of product keep their traditional quality. When asked what they love most about the company, they love to speak about: "The Old World freshness in each product served."
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"Our recipes excite taste buds long dulled by synthetic flavors."

"Our rye is the only real 
old-fashioned Jewish rye in New York to carry the Old World taste and standards."